Wednesday, June 17, 2009

News Flash: ICA On Fire!

Prefuse 73 - Smile In Your Face

The Institute Of Contemporary Art in Boston is cranking up the heat this summer. And it's about fucking time! Someone needed to take the place of "museum that has awesome shows" because whoever was the booker at the Museum Of Fine Arts up and left. In the past couple years, the MFA treated us to such wondrous concerts as Matmos and Stars of the motherfucking LID. Thanks for that. But it's been way too long since anything decent has happened at the MFA music-wise and the ICA must've noticed as well.

Between now and September, the ICA will give us the opportunity to see Prefuse 73, DJ/Rupture & Matt Shadetek, Fauna & Uproot Andy & Oro11, Black Moth Super Rainbow, and Dirty Three, not to mention amazing movies like They Live, Bomb It, Scratch, and Stoked: The Rise & Fall Of Gator. Fuck yeah! Major props to the people behind the scenes at the ICA for giving us some high quality entertainment this summer. Now if only they could lower their ticket prices a smidge...

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Johnny said...

Holy shit!!! We're going to Rupture, right?