Monday, June 7, 2010

Caddywhompus - Remainder (Community, 2010)

Caddywhompus - Big Fun

First, DOWNLOAD THIS (or buy it). Now. That way when you're done reading this review, you won't have to wait any extra minutes to listen to this beautiful mess in its entirety.

Caddywhompus is that dude Chris Rehm (who made the incredibly blissful Salivary Stones tape (also free)) and his pal Sean doing some fantastic rockin noise pop shit. And pleeease understand that when I tell you Remainder is the fucking tits, that I speak the truth.

This album is a loud piece of killer pop that deserves to be cranked until your speakers blow. There's so many influences going on here it's hard to name 'em all, but I'll try. There's blistering Oxes style freakouts, stop 'n' start spasms only found in Hella worshipers, pop hooks & vocals like Dodos or Antlers, and rounded out with a Mae Shi chaos.

I honestly can't listen to Remainder enough. It's just so goddamn incredible & catchy and it fucking ROCKS. Every song is 100%. If I knew what the words were, I'd be yelling along while simultaneously air drumming & guitaring, just going crazy with enthusiasm because there is no other way to listen to this.

Now go unzip that shit and have a blast. Or drop $15 for the vinyl AND CD. The choice is yours.


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