Thursday, April 22, 2010

Joseph McNulty - The Earth, In Veins (Sentient Recognition Archive, 2009)

Joseph McNulty - My Neighbor's Dog

Yes indeed this is another release from the infallible SRA label. No it's not the newest. Actually The Earth, In Veins was the first (and probably the last) cassette release for SRA. And it's still available! I think...

Joseph McNulty's tape is the stuff the sky is made of. Purely ethereal drones, it looks like something solid and tangible from a distance, but upon close inspection, everything fades away into bliss. Unbelievably relaxing tones, with twinkling layered guitars, gentle washes of static, and the occasional vintage sound bite. It has similarities to the pop click ambience of Christopher Willits, the sweet catchy loops of Et Ret, and lush drones of Eluvium, and McNulty is just as awesome as all those dudes.

You probably have a dozen euphoric chill drone tapes that you listened to a handful of times before it got lost in your couch cushions. But I promise you that you don't have one that sounds like The Earth, In Veins. This one is special. The drones are extra droney, the bliss is extra blissy, it's just extra fucking good on every front.


Anonymous said...

It's true. This album is an absolute gem. I've a sizeable drone/noise tape collection, and "The Earth, In Veins" is one of my most cherished.

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