Friday, January 22, 2010

Technoir MA - 2/B (self released, 2010)

Technoir MA - Return

You remember Technoir MA, right? The two dudes from Boston making some of the best '80s inspired punk gaze kraut pop? Well, they followed up their debut self titled EP with another one called 2/B and it's awesome.

2/B has everything Technoir MA had except 10 times better. The guitars are catchier, the drums are poundier, and the echoes are echoier. Plus they went totally crazy and wrote a 9 minute song that blows every other 9 minute song out of the water with its shoegaze cannons.

And just like the debut, 2/B is a Creative Commons release so fucking remix the shit out of it. Put some "Pants On The Ground" lyrics to their killer riffs. Or something. I don't know how remixes work.

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