Thursday, October 15, 2009


For some reason, I've been bombarded with a ton of free downloadable releases that are awesome lately. I don't know if there's some sort of surge (bring it back!!) in artists being kinder or what, but this shit is up for grabs and you need get on it asap. Keep in mind just because these releases can be free, doesn't necessarily mean they should be free. Some of these even have physical copies available. Donate whenever possible. Show your appreciation and bands are more likely to keep it up.

Look forward to some of these showing up in my Saturday Haiku Reviews. 'Cause that's what I do.

Corey Larkin - Body Tensor (Abrash)
Super minimal high end ambient drone

Herv - Not Figuratively, But Literally In Love With Music... (Cock Rock Disco)
Breakcore dance tunes

Orchards & Ponds - Preparations (Panda Fuzz)
Murky loopy guitar drone

Bermuda Bonnie - Bermuda Bonnie (self released)
Tropical girl pop

Tobias Hellkvist & Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words - White/Grey/Black (It's A Trap)
It's a free Dead Letters track man. Wtf more do you need?

Ultimate Thrush - Ultimate Thrush (Winning Sperm Party)
Intense Locust-style craziness

My Brother Daniel - Live At The Gulu Gulu Cafe (Just Not Normal)
Strange electronics, audience participation, bizarre slightly-danceable electronica

Saskrotch - I'll Have You Naked By The End Of This ROM (8bitpeoples)
8 bit chiptune breakcore awesomeness

timwarrenmusic - under_score (Square Root)
Beatless layered ambient drone

Sparks & Spools - visions--magic--trees (Mooondial)
Bang clank folk

Silver Antlers / Seven Feathers Rainwater Split (Mooondial)
Wonder psych haze drone

Dinosaur Feathers - Early Morning Risers (self released)
Super fun AnCo tropical pop

Have A Nice Life - Voids (Enemies List)
Demos and rarities from the (second?) best band to come out of Middletown, CT. Epic gloomy shoegaze pop

Light - Life Is Meaningless & Goes On Forever (self released)
Bleak funeral black metal doom

Few Quiet People Promo Sampler
Awesome new experimental netlabel sampler with a Tomasz Bednarczyk track

The Most Powerful Telescope In The Universe - The Moonlight's Fair Tonight (Data Was Lost)
Hypnotic indie rock


Forest Gospel said...

This is going to keep me busy for awhile. Thanks for the great roundup.

Justin Snow said...

Thanks guys! I appreciate the appreciation. As I'm sure you've noticed, a couple of stuff in this list was discovered through FG. But enjoy the rest. :)

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Very good stuff! Thanks for sharing!

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