Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Notable Bits From Brainwaves Festival

Obama on drums

*Was there no heat in the Regent Theater? Wtf. I had frozen toes for 3 days.

*The merch tables. Ooooooh the merch tables. Tempting the music junkies with their rare wares. Damn you Mimaroglu!

*Lots of pretty projections.

*The only standing ovation was for the first band that played. Manorexia. My guess is that people realized shit, we're gonna have to give standing o's to everyone if we keep this up. So, yeah, no more ovations after that.

*The Silver Apples dude is old. And still awesome. The record label wanted him to record a "psychedelic" song. His idea was that the way kids think is "pretty psychedelic", so he wrote a kids song called "Purple Egg" which goes "I found a purple egg in the ukulele bush and the Carrot Lady said come in and play."

*Meat Beat Manifesto's projection that had Barrack Obama's face superimposed on a drummer.

*Glenn Jones making his one guitar sound like 5.

*I'm pretty sure the Rivulets dude was pissed at his drummer the whole time.

*Gary Wilson....?

*Papa Gino's!

*Weirdest performance all weekend goes to Little Annie. That woman was just too weird.

*Jonathan Coleclough heated a pane of glass with a tiny blowtorch. And made music out of it. And became my hero in the process. Best performance of Brainwaves.

*Holy shit Threshold HouseBoys Choir (aka Peter Christopherson of Throbbing Gristle, Coil, etc) is terrifying. The music sounded like the kind of thing he would listen to while he was either making or watching snuff films. And the videos he played on his TV were creeeepy. Asian porn edited so it was just dude's faces. And weird piercing/self mutilation stuff. All in super slo-mo.

*The short guy in Matmos coming out after their set and doing a cover of some song, possibly Coil.

*Hey, did you know Windy Weber looks like a prettier version of Phyllis from The Office?

*Strategy playing a couple of songs with Nudge.

*Strategy saying, "Whoops, I put in the wrong tape.....Oh no! My tape player crashed!"

*The Boduf Songs dudes make the most depressing fucking music.

*Lichens doing an all vocal performance and totally blowing me away. That man is amazing.

*The Kill A Petty Bourgeoisie was pretty rocking. Didn't expect that.

*Papa Gino's! And 3 free slices!

*Stars Of The Lid live just makes want to curl up in a ball and cry.

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You forgot to mention naps.