Monday, August 4, 2008

Fricara Pacchu - Midnight Pyre

Fricara Pacchu - Possessed By Possibilities

Fricara Pacchu is a dude from Finland and Midnight Pyre is his debut full length and boy is it strange. But, as I'm sure you can guess, I mean strange is the best way possible.

It's noisy but not very loud, and has solid beats but not always danceable. I don't know what the hell kind of instruments are used (probably some crazy Finnish stuff) but there's definitely some 8-bit electronics and synthesizers. And that's always a good. Imagine a mix between Fuck Buttons and Shooting Spires, just...more strange. Midnight Pyre is mostly indescribable. Well, lets go with explosive. And I mean explosive in as literal a way possible when talking about music. The second track, "Four Season Of Violins" is a weird dirgey and spacey song, with frequent moments of blown out explosions. Like an actual bomb is going off in the studio. It's the coolest fucking thing. And they show up later on during "Sky Helicopter" as well, in a more integrated way, but I like the disruption they cause on "Four Seasons" better.

"Return Of The Rats" is probably the most fast paced of the bunch and possibly my favorite from the album. It's got this furious drum machine that never lets up, with these lasers shooting around the background while synths play the melody. It's fantastic. And it's kind of a formula they use throughout the album. Lasers, drum machine, synths, that sort of thing. But it never gets old. As soon as Midnight Pyre is over, you want to hit play again.

This is really a record that is all over the place, though. There isn't a single word I could use to sum it up, except weird. Or bizarre. Or any other synonym. And although "Return Of The Rats" one of my faves, it isn't especially indicative of the sound or mood of Midnight Pyre. So I'll put up another one of the cooler tracks, "Possessed By Possibilities."

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