Friday, September 3, 2010

BOIL Mix / QRO Mag Giveaway

Album art sourced from CC image Drinking Flamingo

My pals over at QRO Mag are turning 1000 soon (in Twitter followers) and they love you all so much that they're having a contest. There are a couple ways to enter but the easiest is to just go follow them on Twitter because all new followers between 950-1000 are automatically entered (they're at about 960 right now).

The best part is the prizes are fucking sweet. There's a couple of label packages, one being from the interminably awesome Breakfast Of Champs including shit from Quilt, COP MAGNET, Total Slacker, and WITCH MTN. Hell yes! There's also a Burning Mill prize pack with releases from DOM, Golden Girls, Ape Debris, Golden Holy, and one surprise.

But then there's the mixtape part of the giveaway and that's where I come in. QRO Mag asked me and a few fellow bloggers (Cream Team, Knox Road, & No Modest Bear) to each create a mixtape for the giveaway. At first the idea was that the mix would be exclusive to the contest (at least until it was over), but they loosened up and are allowing us to post our own mixes on our blogs. So a hearty thank you & congrats to QRO Mag and all the other cool people involved with this. Way to fucking go. Now I present to you, BOIL.

You should recognize at least half of the stuff in this mix because it's culled from past reviews. The others are probably high profile enough that you'll know 'em anyway. And in case you couldn't tell, this is one hardcore noise/drone mix. It's sorta brutal. And it's sorta awesome. And it's my first attempt at a mix put together in Garage Band so I could smooth out the wrinkles & normalize it and shit, making it a single mp3. Let me know what you think.

1. Lonesummer - "We've Lost a Day"
2. Halflings - "Burning Ambition"
3. The Vomit Arsonist - "Choke"
4. Kanin Krusete - "Veteran Plates"
5. Russell Haswell - "High Force From Above"
6. Millipede - "Surf"
7. The Conet Project - "5 Note Version ‘Czech Lady'"
8. Ultra Bonbon - "Resplendent City"
9. Wilt - "SVF"
10. Gerritt Wittmer - "Untitled 2"
11. Marinos Koutsomichalis - "Untitled 6"
12. Kouhei Matsunaga - "291107"

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