Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ten Thousand Things, Stillbirth, Ouest, Ricardo Donoso at The Piano Factory

After a brief silence from Semata, they're back with a couple of 7 inches, one from label head Ricardo Donoso and a split with Stillbirth & Prurient. Last night was the record release party and it seemed like everyone who was available and gave a shit showed up.

Ricardo Donoso: mixed up chronology, staring in awe at the majesty of the perfect storm

Ouest: all the infinite sounds that could possibly come from your broken radio, TV, lawnmower, fire alarm, and washing machine

Stillbirth: sweet guitar drone lullabies, processed to hell and back

Ten Thousand Things: delicate almost blissful canvas with smatterings of nothing, eventually encrusted in thick static

Ricardo Donoso

Ouest (Howard Stelzer, Brendan Murray, Jay Sullivan)


Ten Thousand Things (Geoff Mullen)

Ten Thousand Things (Scott Reber)

More pictures on Flickr.


Unknown said...

nice pix as always justin, cheers!

Justin Snow said...

Thanks Ricardo. You always put on the best shows.