Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rrrrrremix Update

Here are some cool remixes you may or may not have seen lately. My guess is you've seen at least one of these, if not more. But if you're the coolest kid on the block then maybe you've heard all of them. Like me. Except my block is better and cooler, so I'm automatically more awesome than you.

Fever Ray - If I Had A Heart (Fuck Buttons Remix)

Good lord I got so excited when I saw that Fuck Buttons remixed a song from my second favorite solo "side project" of the year (the first being Zomes). This track doesn't retain much from the original Fever Ray song but it also doesn't matter. Fuck Buttons throw down their tribal, noisy, twinkling, fuzzy, 4-on-the-floor beats and it simultaneously makes me weak in the knees and want to jump up and dance.

RATATAT - Mirando (Animal Collective Remix)

Two bands I don't care about, one remixing the other, makes me kinda sleepy. But for some reason I clicked on this while surfing GvB and it took me by surprise. I guess RATATAT's and AC's sounds are so extreme on either ends of the music spectrum that when you put 'em together it mellows out and makes something better than the sum of it's parts.

James Pants - Ka$h (Trizzy & XXXChange Remix)

I missed out on the James Pants thing. I've only heard a song here and there, never the whole album. But I'm really digging this remix by Trizzy (aka A-Trak) and XXXChange (who also did a nice remix of "LES Artistes"). The airy wafer thin digital vocals remind me of Daft Punk in a really good way.

Jeppe - Big Boy (SSION's Bang Bang Remix)

Jeppe was Mr. Senior of the sadly out of commission Junior Senior. He's doin' his own thing now and "Big Boy" is the single. SSION did a sweet little remix of it and I'm not sure if it's really all that different from the original. Not a problem, I suppose, because both are equally cool.

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